HMO Mortgages

HMO Mortgages are a niche area. A standard buy to let (BTL) mortgage should not be used for licenced HMO properties. There are both commercial HMO mortgages and specialist HMO mortgages available.

At Harvey Bowes Limited, we can offer the following:

  • source from a wide panel of lenders

  • Interest only options available

  • Same day agreement in principle

  • 100% LTV available with additional security

  • Remortgage a HMO within 6 months

  • HMO Mortgages for experienced and non-experienced landlords


HMO Mortgages may apply to properties that require licencing or not. It is dependant on the tenancy types, amount of tenancies per property and local council policies in respect of licencing. The requirements for licencing very from council to council. There is a national standard, known as mandatory licencing. Local councils may set their own standards above and beyond the requirements of mandatory licencing, which is then known as selective licencing.

To find out more about HMO Mortgages, go to the specialist Harvey Bowes website dealing with this niche area: HMOmoney