Roma EXCLUSIVE with Harvey Bowes!

We are delighted to announce that Harvey Bowes have secured a 100% exclusive preferential deal with Roma Finance which will be of great benefit to property investors who invest in high yielding properties in areas of the country where the property values are lower. It has often been a challenge for investors to fund properties in the lower value areas with few Short Term Lenders offering viable and cost-effective finance products for purchase.

The finance product that Harvey Bowes is now offering is an impressive rate of 0.99%* for deals where the lending is below £50,000. This is a specialist finance product for non-regulated property investment purchases and provides a highly competitive funding solution for lower value properties. To find out the full details of the product and how it may benefit, please contact the Harvey Bowes team.

*0.99% monthly rate is based on a 7-month term, with one-month exit fee and an administration fee of £995. This represents a reduction from Roma Finance standard finance product for loans of £50,000 and under which is 1.15% per month, with a 1.15% exit and arrangement fee of £1500.