There are plenty of reports that on the run-up to the referendum David Cameron stated he would be submitted the Article 50 formal withdrawal from the EU straight away of the result was to leave. However, after the result he resigned and announced that his successor would be the person to administer the notice.

As leader of the ‘leave’ campaign, Boris Johnson was also prominently eligible as leader of the conservative party should Cameron step down. And should Johnson run for leader of the conservative party he would have to submit the Brexit Article 50 notice – afterall, he lead the campaign. The press would have a field day if he did not.

So Johnson’s answer to this conundrum? Decline to run for the position as the next Prime Minister and not be in the position to submit Article 50. Not the finest career move we’ve seen in British Politics.

The question, is, will the next PM have the bottle to follow through on the referendum?

Boris Johnson