Dominic’s team kindly sent us the following article. Which explains what we can expect from his talk at the next SWPM in relation to current property news, specifically regarding Buy to let.

The UK Buy to let market is undergoing a sea change.

Regulatory and taxation changes have altered the Buy to let market dynamic. Reducing its attractiveness to amateur landlords, and increasing the tax bills of higher-rate investors. In spite of rising costs, there are still healthy returns to be found in property for professional investors. However, it is now a long-term business endeavour, requiring commitment and expertise.

Investors must be prepared to undertake business and tax planning, understand the risks as well as the rewards, and the responsibilities they have towards their tenants.

More than ever brokers and their clients are turning towards specialist lenders such as Kent Reliance to help them navigate this increasingly complex world.

At the next South Wales Property Meet, Dominic Sheahan from Kent Reliance will provide insight into the dynamics currently affecting the  Buy to let market, and outline successful strategies for mortgage finance.

Dominic Sheahan from Kent Reliance at the next South Wales Property Meet

On the 16th of May, Dominic Sheahan will be speaking at the South Wales Property Meet. One of Harvey Bowes associated business which organizes networking events every month in Newport, South Wales.

We all hope to see you there